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Bonzai Tree Philosophy

The art of dwarfing trees or plants and developing them into an aesthetically appealing shape by growing, pruning and training them in containers according to prescribed techniques is the basic philosophy of raising Bonsai Trees. The main definition of bonsai as an outlet for both art and horticulture is quite wide. There are many myths which are associated with bonsai. These not only provide confusion for budding enthusiasts, but gives the pastime a bad name for anyone not heavily invested in the discipline. A bonsai is not a genetically dwarfed plant and is not kept small by cruelty in any way. In fact, given an adequate supply of water, air, light and nutrients, a properly maintained bonsai should outlive a full size tree of the same species. The techniques of Bonsai are no more cruel than that of any other horticultural endeavour. It is also common belief that bonsai trees are only a few centimetres tall. This is untrue, although bonsai are small in comparison to their huge life-sized brothers, most are over 25 centimetres tall and up to 1 metre in height.

Since Bonzai Trees have hit the western culture it had been viewed as a hobby that allows greater understanding and being with nature and a new and innovative way to enhance our gardens. In the Japanese culture, there is a link to many of the ideals that their society is based on. Zen Buddhism - where the pastime originated - man, nature, elements and change all are intertwined into this unique method of meditation and expression. Also, it is with great pride and dedication that some Japanese families will pass on a carefully nutured and sculpted Bonsai Tree from generation to generation, reinforcing their unique bonds with nature and life cycles.

Growing Bonsai Trees for Sale
The craft of growing and selling specialized Bonsai Trees is gaining more popularity everyday. Bonsai can be developed from seeds or cuttings, from young trees or from naturally occurring stunted trees transplanted into containers. Most bonsai range in height from 5 centimetres (2 in) to 1 metre (3.33 ft). Bonsai are kept small and trained by pruning branches and roots, by periodic repotting, by pinching off new growth, and by wiring the branches and trunk so that they grow into the desired shape. Most of this comes from experience but there are printed resources that allow beginners to jump in and get the hang of the more basic techniques.

Overall, bonsai, as a philosophy, is something that is quite personalised and there are no strict rules to abide by if you undertake it merely as a hobby which to gain enjoyment out of. It does not have to be an expensive commitment, but it is a commitment that requires a great amount of time, patience, skill and endurance. Although things may not go as planned, don't give up. Remember that the Japanese bonsai masters were once beginners too and they surely had their share of trial and error.


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